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How to make of 2018 our best year ever

HAPPY 2018!
Yes, I know that we are practically in the middle of January, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to wish you all the best for this 2018 that we just started almost two weeks ago.

It has been a long time since my last post in my blog, and believe me, I’ve missed it a lot. Fortunately it has been for very good reasons since I have been very busy attending some earrings, both personal and from my online store.

For me, 2017 was a year of many achievements, and a year of many challenges, but definitely, it was a year full of countless blessings and I thank God for all that.

Growth, achievements, knowledge acquired throughout the year, learning, adjustments, changes…….
But without a doubt, a year of much learning and putting my feet on the ground.

On the one hand, among the many goals achieved, I can proudly mention the launch of my online store Soya Naturals, which was already running since 2015 on Etsy at but that didn’t have the projection and takeoff that I was looking for, so, putting into practice my own advice that I mentioned in  2017: Cómo cumplir con nuestras resoluciones de Año Nuevo y no quedarse en el intento: «Stop dreaming, Start doing», I got down to work and started to dedicate more time in promoting my store, so besides using Etsy as a platform, I also registered my store in the marketplace where you can find me at and although I’m still in that process, and frankly this is an everyday process that should not be neglected, I believe that I moved significantly forward.
Of course there is still a lot to do, but it was definitely a huge advance in the projection of my online store.

Here I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who did me the favor of buying my products, and those who visited me and stopped by my store to take a look and to know what it is about.

And also, I would like to thank to all of you who read my blog and for being very patient waiting for my next post.

On the other hand, among many of the challenges that I had in my life in 2017, a very important one, and practically to close 2017 with a flourish, was a minor surgery with laser beam in my eyes, which is not even a surgery in the wide sense, since they do not make any cut or anything like that, only make a tiny holes with laser beam in the iris to improve the irrigation in the eyes so they are well lubricated. That, of course, took me out of balance, because I  just went to my annual eye exam for my prescription glasses that resulted in a problem, relatively easy to solve thanks to God, but equally important and that required all my attention at. the moment. So for me, these Christmas holidays had a special meaning, since they put in perspective the things that are truly transcendental in life, as it is, in this case, health.

As I mentioned above, it was a year of great achievements and many challenges, but when I make the summary, it was without a doubt, a year of countless blessings, and I’ll stay with that.


If I wanted to summarize a list of resolutions for this 2018, I would tell you what I wrote last year of the resolutions for 2017: 2017: Cómo cumplir con nuestras resoluciones de Año Nuevo y no quedarse en el intento , «STOP DREAMING, START DOING»
As simplistic as it sounds, I really believe that summarizes it, because when we put into perspective the things that are really fundamental in life, we realize that in order to have an impact, either positive or negative, and to make a difference in our lives and lives of those we love, is what we do or stop doing what is going to make that difference.

So, how to comply with our New Year’s resolutions and do not stay in the attempt for this 2018?

I don’t think there is much new to say, because every year is basically the same, you know, the famous resolutions for the new year: I am going to lose weight, I’m going to exercise this year, I’ll start walking, I’ll sign up for the gym, I will eat healthy not processed food, I will watch less or I will stop watching television, I will enroll in that course at college to get that diploma, I will read more books or I’ll start reading, etc….

What is going to be new, is really having the attitude of creating and making those changes in our environment for our benefit and the benefit of our families.

So this time, I’ll give you no list, basically you can see my list for last year: 2017: Cómo cumplir con nuestras resoluciones de Año Nuevo y no quedarse en el intento.

But in how to make this 2018 your best year ever, I would summarize it in: «STOP DREAMING, START DOING» , the rest will come along the way, if we really take action.

I wish for you and your families an equally blessed 2018, may your wishes and goals are met, with many achievements and, without any doubt, with some challenges, but mainly may you enjoy it and live it in harmony and with health and always in company of your families and all the people who you love.

To your health!